Typography 2

12 Jun 2015

I’m a longtime fan of street art — found typography, graffiti, and graphics — especially of surveyor’s spray painted marks in bright flourescent colors on a wet, rain-darkened sidewalk. I’m something of a design detective and gumshoe.

utility co markings

Not sure when it was that “hello” stickers started metastisizing on lamposts and signal boxes. Nineties? Here’s a particularly precious one.

Faust tag

Olde time neon. Will these be extinct? Will shoe repair shops be as few and far between as sewing machine repair shops, baking supply stores, and art supply stores? There are still some xxx and blue shops around Chelsea… TK. Please excuse my passive sentences and dangling thoughts…

rebuilders shine

I’m lovin’ the Department of Transportation logo.

dot logo on truck

More truck art. Catchy juxtaposition of graffiti spray and grit as a background for bold, red sans-serif message in Vinyl. Scale and contrast.

moving co truck art

There’s no lack of inspiration for a New York City designer and gumshoe.