Deli Design

02 May 2014

In a previous post, I promised these photos of convenience stores on 7th Ave. just below 23rd street. The photo essay is a reflection on the neighborhood businesses’ efforts to stand out in the crowd. Since I started photographing them just months ago, the corner deli’s bamboo blinds that used to shade flowers now hangs inside the windows like a backdrop behind various handwritten and official “closed” notices.

Happy to be back blogging and hanging with good friends: Jekyll, Sass, Github, and Textile. Textile, via the Hobix (the work of Why?) Cheatsheet was feeling atavistic. A Google “img list textile” search turned up some modern documentation, i.e. from Moveable Type. Image lists should not cause agony but Textile tripped me up by separating my images with <br>. This short, free tutorial on CSS display came to the rescue by suggesting that white-space was the culprit.